Recommendations for Steam Daily Deals - Day 5

**UPDATE: **For some explainable reason, Steam has decided to moved the “Elder Scrolls Franchise Pack” and the “Half-Life Complete” pack from the Daily Deals, down to the Flash Sales. Prices seem to be the same and my comments stand on those games. For the games that they were replaced with, I can’t comment on the games, I have never played “Of Orcs and Men” or “Endless Space”. I do apologise for that error!

Hi guys, this is something that I am going to do for this sale. A personal recommendation on what games that you should buy in the daily deals.

Remember, do not buy anything until the final day.
If a game is 60%+ discounted, you will probably not see that deal again during the sale and you should pick it up.

Make sure you have a look at the flash sales that change throughout the day and the Community Choice sale on the right side of the front page. Note, once you see those on sale, there is a very slim chance that you will see them again in a daily deal but anything is possible with Steam!

All prices will be in €.

Deals from yesterday rollover are still on sale for 24hrs. So check out my post from yesterday if you missed any deals yesterday!

Sonic Franchise – €29.99 – Get every Sonic game that is on Steam for the price shown. Every game in that bundle except for Sonic 4 Episode 1 is good! S4E1 is just BADDDDDD. You can also pick up Sonic Generations on their own for about €15 or Sonic Adventure 2 for about €4.

Call of Duty Franchise – MW3 €29.99, BO1 €29.99, MW2 €12.49, CoD4 €12.49, CoD2 €9.99, BO(Mac) €19.99 – WHO PREDICTED THIS! Every CoD game is on sale bar the current game. Well done Activision, you know how to piss people off. The DLC for the games are also on sale (Check the link). CoD4, BO1 and probably MW3 is the one’s to get MW2 is just hacked to hell. Even though it’s not on sale, do try and pick up Black Ops 2 if you want to. It is a great game and the multiplier is a breath of fresh air.

Company of Heroes Complete Pack – €6.23 – This includes the game, the 2 expansions and the soundtrack (which can be got for free from that page). It’s a RTS Military sim. I have played it, but I couldn’t get my head around it, but I should try it again soon. For this price…sure, why not!

Elder Scrolls Franchise – Skyrim €24.82, Oblivion GOTY €4.99, Morrowind GOTY €4.99 – The DLC for Skyrim is also on sale. Check it out in the link. Oblivion is a great game and Skyrim has a good modding scene because of the Steam Workshop. Now, I know that you can probably get this game cheaper on other sites, (Greemangaming, amazon etc), but if you can’t find a good deal on other sites, do pick it up here. Hopefully this time next year, it will be half of the current sale cost.

Half-Life Complete – €9.24 – This will get you all the old Half-Life 1 games (Inc Blue shift and Opposing Force) and TF Classic. It also includes Half-Life 2, Ep1 and Ep2. If you have never played these games at all…Then why are you on Steam?! These are the flagship games for Valve! Do yourself a favor (or your friend) and purchase this pack!

Mass Effect Collection – €9.99 – This is for Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition. The third game in the series is not on Steam because you all know how much EA loves Valve (Status: It’s complicated), so if you want to get the 3rd game in the series, I highly recommend that you check out Origin to see if they have the game on sale over there. I haven’t played any of the Mass Effect games, but this seems to be a pretty good deal for what you are going to be getting in this pack.

Have a good look around the site for any hidden deals (Indie games are full of them), and if you would like to purchase me something for christmas, you can check out my wishlist and gift it to me. Doing that will give you the achievement on your profile as part of the achievement set.