Recommendations for Steam Daily Deals - Day 7

**UPDATE: **Arma II has had it’s price fixed. It was €14.99 but is now €12.49.
Natural Selection II has had it’s price fixed. It was €13.76 but is now €9.19
The Walking Dead has had it’s price fixed. It was €18.74 but is now €12.49
The Sims 3 has had it’s price fixed. It was €22.49 but it is now €15.29

Hi guys, this is something that I am going to do for this sale. A personal recommendation on what games that you should buy in the daily deals.

Remember, do not buy anything until the final day.
If a game is 60%+ discounted, you will probably not see that deal again during the sale and you should pick it up.

Make sure you have a look at the flash sales that change throughout the day and the Community Choice sale on the right side of the front page. Note, once you see those on sale, there is a very slim chance that you will see them again in a daily deal but anything is possible with Steam!

All prices will be in €.

Arma II Combined Operations – €12.49 – DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ DayZ . That is all

Natural Selection II – €9.19 – 5v5 Humans vs Aliens. That is all!

The Walking Dead – €12.49 – Zombie Survival Point&Click. if you are fan of the show, then you should already have this.

The Sims 3 – €15.29 – Hate your own life? Then play The Sims. Family Simulation game. Good enough game if you want to waste a good few hours.

As for the other games, I can’t recommend them as I have never seen them being played nor have I played those.

Remember to check out the indie section to see if there is a hidden deal in there. It will be worth your time to dig through that section of Steam.

If you are feeling generous and you would like to purchase something for me for christmas, then you can check out my wishlist. Thank you!