So about Wrestlemania 35

So about Wrestlemania 35

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So about Wrestlemania 35… It was brilliant! Well, about 95% of it anyway. The only match that let it down was the Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle match. Other than that, it was a solid way to begin the 2019/2020 season of WWE.

Without further ado, let’s have a recap of last night’s show!


Since this is going to be a long post, I am going to provide brief posts about each match!


  • Tony Nese finally put away Buddy Murphy and while I predicted that it was going to be Buddy that was going to take away the purple title, I felt that this match was very much justified. Well done to Tony.
  • Carmella winning the Wrestlemania Women’s Battle Royal… OK… Does anyone actually care for this or even the AtGMBR? Seems a bit insane that they are a thing. I suppose it’s an easy way to use talent and give them a match at Mania. Better than nothing.
  • Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins defeated The Revival to become the NEW RAW Tag Team Championships. After 269 Match Losses, Curt wins a match and it’s a title match. Awesome.
  • Braun Strowman wins the AtGMBR…Read above.

Main Show!

  • Alexa Bliss starts the show with Hulk Hogan. At the end of the segment, Paul Heyman comes out. He says that he doesn’t want to wait till later in the evening to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.
  • Seth low blows him, hits Brock with 3 Stomps to win the Universal Championship. Slán Brock and Slán Paul!
  • AJ Styles vs Randy Orton was a fairly entertaining match, but it is one that we have seen before on SmackDown Live. Nothing much more was added here, but still quite enjoyable.
  • THE MIZ KILLED HIMSELF AND SHANE WITH A SUPERPLEX. His superplex actually didn’t help as Shane pinned The Miz for the victory. Weird ending but it was still something.
  • The Usos retained against the NXT guys, the EU Guys and the other non-EU foreigners. Some cool spots in here. Messy at times but otherwise very fun. Watch if you can.
  • Bayley & Sasha Banks couldn’t hold on to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships as it would be SmackDown’s The IIconics who would pick up the victory even besting The Samoan ones, The Canadian ones and the “Are we friends or wha?”
  • KOFIMANIA IS RUNNING WILD ON YOU BRUDDA! Kofi defeats Daniel. AND he gets the old WWE Title back!
  • Joe vs Mysterio is a skip. Joe retains
  • JOHN CENA AS DR OF THUGANOMICS IS BACK! He delivered a AA to Elias and left! Would have liked to see a match from him.
  • Triple H ended Batista’s sports entertainment career by pulling his nose ring out using pliers and hitting him with a Sledgehammer. Ain’t Hunter a nice person!
  • Baron Corbin, you were not the right person for this Farewell match against Kurt Angle, it should have been Cena but WWE obviously seen something else here…but whatever. Baron wins.
  • The Intercontinental is coming back home to Ireland as Finn Bálor defeated Bobby Lashley to win his 3rd title in WWE. Congrats Finn!
  • Becky defied all the odds put in front of her and absolutely destoryed both Charlotte & Ronda to win both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships!
  • No Undertaker, No Cena. No major gimmicks (aside from Elias)

And that is it from my look at Wrestlemania 35. I will be doing a LiveBlog of RAW tonight over on @SquaredCircleIE

Regarding the news podcasts, I am putting them on hold for now as I am snowed under with some other projects and that. I am hoping that the next release will be on the 22nd of April. Apologies for the sudden disappearance.