[Spoilers] WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Winner Reaction

Jan 30, 2017

Last night saw the 30th Royal Rumble match occur from the Alamo Dome in Texas with a a surprising amount of people attending (52,020) and while the entire card was fantastic, the Royal Rumble match was slightly disappointing.

I am not saying it was a “shit” match, but it wasn’t the best.

First of all, there was really 3 surprise entrants. 1) Mark Henry [RAW] 2) James Ellsworth [SDLive] and 3) Jack Gallagher [205Live]

Tye Dillinger [NXT] was not a major surprise as we have been looking for him to appear as #10 for the past while.

The match overall was OK, but seemed a bit…slow, especially when Braun Strowman [RAW] was taking out everyone and was waiting for the next jobber to come in.

Then we skip onto the end, Chris Jericho [RAW] being there to near the end was pretty good. According to WWE.com, Chris lasted over an hour inside the Rumble.

Goldberg [RAW] looks wayyyy too strong to take on Brock Lesnar [RAW]. Any other day and Brock would annihilate Goldberg. But now, he is 2-0 against Brock. The Undertaker [Not signed] was also looking very strong in this Rumble.

Now to the finish…Randy Orton [SDLive] vs Roman Reigns [RAW]. Well, we could have seen this a mile away with Roman being at #30, and I thought WWE was done at pushing Roman for the title…Perhaps there would be a showdown between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33.

Let me say this:
“Randy Orton is the winner of the 2017 Royal Rumble and will face the WWE Champion John Cena [SDLive] at Wrestlemania.”

This video was uploaded some time ago, but is still relevant going into this match at WM33.

Am I happy that Randy is main evening WM again? Yes.
Am I happy that it is not Roman? Hell Yes!
Will John Cena defend at WM33? Well, he’ll have to defend at Elimination Chamber…but we’ll go with yes for now.

Padraig Fahy

A tech support guy by day and a gamer by night!

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