Steam Autumn Sale Highlights (Part 1)

Hi folks.

Steam is running their seasonal sale (for Black Friday / Cyber Monday) and there is some good highlights if you are looking for some new PC games!

As this is going to be a long list, I am going to split it into multiple parts. This part is for most games that are on the "Hightlighted Section" on Steam today! While Part 2 might contain the selection from tomorrows "Highlighted Section", there might be games in there that might be discounted and are not well known.

If you have found a good deal on Steam, then let me know either via Twitter @PadraigFahy or email me and I might include it in a future post!

If you remember Sim City 2000, then you know how awesome that game was. It is a city building game where you have to manage all aspects of a ever growing city! Extendable with the Steam Workshop if you are into that type of thing.

It’s Batman…Need I say more?

Absolutely fun series. Great amount of fun! My community is the #1 most popular server for Just Cause 2.

And that is it for Part 1. Part 2 should be coming tomorrow at some point.