TF2 Halloween Update 2012 - "Scream Fortress"

Last night saw the launch of the Halloween update for Team Fortress 2 known as “Scream Fortress”.

This featured a new modified version of koth_lakeside and became koth_lakeside_event but was named “Ghost Fort”. It is a standard koth_ map but with a difference.

Every time the point is capped by either team, Merasmus would “spin a wheel” (Which is just seems to be a randomly selected card which contains a spell). Some of the spell included are, “Low Gravity”, “Uber” , “Crit”, “Burning”, “Big Head”, “Small Head” and even a Dance. (Everyone goes to the point and does a dance – Example).

And at random times throughout the round, Merasmus appears for a allotted time (I think 5 mins but don’t quote me on that.). If you get close to him, he will launch you into the air and burn you. (Like the Pyro air-blasting you and setting you on fire). He can teleport to the point and drops bombs out of the sky and 1 person will have a bomb on his head (Like the sentry buster in Mann vs Machine).

If you do become a person with the bomb as a head, you run to the boss which does damage to him, you will become uber’d and he will be stunned for about 15 seconds.

When I was playing last night on a server, we could never defeat the boss quick enough. But today, YouTube user Shibby2142 uploaded a video saying that the best way to defeat Merasmus, is to use the Huntsman as a Sniper or a Heavy with the Brass Beast and if you can get crit, do get it as it will help you get the boss down quickly.

Once you do get the boss down, you will be teleported to a island where you can go to the top to claim your free hat!

And that is pretty much it for that. There is achivements that you can obtain throughout. There is “Eerie Crates” that you can open with the “Eerie Key” and get some awesome goods out of them! Some items have been modified for halloween and are available automatically.

Anyone, I hope you all have a good time in TF2 this Halloween 🙂