[The JukeBox] #50 - Kraftwerk - Aéro Dynamik

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Monday 23rd June…2014. The last time a JukeBox post was made!
Nearly 3 years later, we are back! BACK with the continuation of Series 6 of one of my favourite blogging Series, THE JUKEBOX!

On June 7th, the anti-gravity racing game, WipeOut Omega Collection releases on PS4 bringing a 4K spectacle that is sure to please long time fans of the franchise.

One key element of the WipeOut series is the music. Using electronic dance music with high BPM ensures that you are PUMPED for every race!

One of these songs is from Wipeout Pulse (PSP) and Wipeout HD (PS3),
it’s Kraftwerk’s Aéro Dynamik!


Perfection Mekanik
Aero Dynamik
Materiel et Technik
Aero Dynamik
Condition et Physik
Aero Dynamik
Position et Taktik
Aero Dynamik