*Just having some random thoughts as I am going to Dublin. *

So, it’s about a month and a bit before I go away to London. I am very excited. I literally can’t wait. Fan fest and my birthday can’t come soon enough.

Grandad has been in hospital for about 5 weeks from tomorrow. It is very difficult to talk about it. I just want him to get better sooner rather than later.

Secrets and lies. Why try and hide them. It’s going to bite you in the ass someday. You can tell me lies all you want but I can still see right through them and no matter how much you tell me that you are not lying, the bigger liar you are.

Traffic on the M1 isn’t too bad. Not too busy for a Sunday afternoon. I wonder what it is like at rush hour in a Monday.

Got my 10th Atma last night in Final Fantasy XIV. Only 2 more to get. Want to get them ASAP. Still have to get i100 boots from Syrcus Tower. Oh, did you know I did a guide for Syrcus Tower. It’s over at Padraig.XYZ

I think that’ll do for now. Follow my antics on Twitter @FahyIE