To 'Dell' and Back!

So, yesterday, I was about to order my Dell Inspiron 15″ that was on Clearance for €379 which I thought it was a pretty good price for the spec given.

On Monday night, I checked to make sure that the product was still there. It was.

When I got home on Tuesday (after placing money in the bank), I proceeded to go to and purchase the laptop. OMG! It wasn’t there anymore.

So, I rang Dell and asked about said laptop and they said that it was off the market and that he would talk to the Finance dept. to see what would be the best deal for me.

After a few mins, the guy got back to me saying that the laptop could be got for €380. While he was explaining the specs of the machine. The call dropped T_T

I immediatly rang back trying to get the Indian guy who I was talking to. I didn’t get his name, so I couldn’t get back to him. I was put through to some Indian Woman, who told me that it was impossible to get me the laptop in question for the €380 that I was quoted by the previous sales person.

After about 10 mins being on the phone to this woman, she wasn’t having any of it and she started quoting me laptops at all different prices and specs. I just gave up with Dell.

I went to and bought a Toshiba Satellite C850 with very similar specs for about €380 to the door.

I was hoping that I could have been a new Dell customer, but hey, if they want to change the site every few days, fine by me….

Anyway, I have a new laptop coming next Monday, so I am happy enough in the end 🙂