Tuesday 8th January 2013

Hi everyone!

I hope the Steam posts have been a help to you in making your decisions on what games to buy. I did buy a few games this years but not as many as last year because I personally thought that the sales this year was a bit stale.

Anyway, I have started my Internship this week as a IT Technician in a local primary school here in Monaghan and it has been brilliant. All the staff are REALLY friendly and working with the children is just awesome. I hope that the next 6 months is going to be as good as it has been over the past couple of days.

One thing that I have noticed since I have started working is that I am tired…really tired when I get home. Yesterday, I just fell asleep for a good 90 mins and I could have easily gone for another sleep.

Anyway, It will take me a few days to get over that but I should be ok by the weekend.

Note to self: Buy new laptop. The one that I have (The Toshiba Satellite from 200X) is freezing on Linux and I can’t use anything else on it. So, I will just have to get a new one soon enough.

I hope that you all have a good week and I shall talk again soon 🙂