[The JukeBox] S4 E17 – Riot Games – Here Comes Vi

Hi everyone and welcome to The JukeBox. A look at the music that interests me and that I currently love.

I have started playing League of Legends and this is currently the login song for the game. Here Comes Vi. An absolutely great song by Riot! GG

Just a quick note, this is the last edition in the current season for The JukeBox. Season 5 will begin in the next post!



She’s such a misfit, always ready to brawl
It’s like her business, roughing up your friends as the law
There is no difference if you believe you’re strong
She’s a bulldozer making sure you’re flat on the ground

She’s like a boomerang who never gives up
She flies in circles till she hits you and you’re biting the dust
So just remember this when she’s chasing you down
Face first you’ll be thrown onto the Proving Grounds
She’ll knock you out!

Have you ever really wanted to be a total rebel flipping tables on the enemy?
Did you ever try to further improve how fast you punch people through the roof?
Was there ever any certain time when you thought brute force and style combined?
I guess now’s time to shine cause finally she’s here!
Here comes Vi!

And as a matter of fact, the best bet one has is to quickly react
to the first attack that’s aiming for the bones
cause she’ll never pull back and just risk it

(bridge repeat)

(chorus repeat)