Aug 31, 2012

What is “VampiricPadraig”??

VampiricPadraig is my “nickname/handle” on most gaming related websites/services.

This page is for all my gaming related tags, links, etc.

The following is the main services and IGN’s for games that I am currently playing. If you play a game that is NOT listed and you would like my IGN, then you can contact me.

**Service** **Name** **Links**
Steam VampiricPadraig EU: Crakila#2745
US: Crakila#1129
Final Fantasy XIV: HW (Cerberus) Crakila Fors’ee
Nintendo 3DS 3368-2728-3183 NA
Nintendo Switch SW-0886-3065-3899 NA
Xbox Live VampiricPadraig
Playstation Network VampiricPadraig
Origin VampiricPadraig NA
Twitch Crakila
Minecraft VampiricPadraig NA
osu! VampiricPadraig
Rockstar Social Club VampiricPadraig
UT2004 VampiricPadraig

My “go-to” main game is **Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood**. While I do like other games, you will more than likely find me in that game.
About me in FFXIV: I am currently a Au’Ra Bard for the Free Company “Children of Light” You can find out how far I have progressed with content by clicking the LINK in the table above for FFXIV.

While I am not gearing for my i100* gear, I am levelling my ARC** and hopefully making that into a BRD** at some stage.

While I have loved the game from Day 1, there has been a couple of bad experiences that I have encountered when the game was first out. If you would like to read about that, click here

Updated: 17th September 2018

Padraig Fahy

A tech support guy by day and a gamer by night!

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