[The Jukebox] #58 - Weight of the World (Prelude Version) - Keiichi Okabe

[The Jukebox] #58 - Weight of the World (Prelude Version) - Keiichi Okabe

I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy XIV and it’s music. It’s main composer Masayoshi Soken has created some fantastic music in the last 6 years of the game’s existence and he knocks it out of the park each and every expansion.

At the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Paris (which I attended), it was announced that the dev team had collaborated with another Square-Enix developer, PlatinumGames, to bring a new 24-man raid with a crossover between Final Fantasy XIV and Nier: Automata titled YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse.

YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse

The first of 3 wings was released at the end of October 2019 titled “The Copied Factory” with the 2nd wing to be be released by the end of June 2020.

An enigmatic android, mysterious machine lifeforms, and deadly secrets…

Newfound ruins amidst the Duergar Mountains have drawn the attention of curious dwarves and the Warrior of Darkness alike. The discovery of a pale-garbed woman calling herself 2P, however, will force these intrepid explorers to confront the reality─and dangers─of technology beyond their wildest imaginings.

When you reach the final boss of this raid, you are facing off against 9S-operated Walking Fortress which is essentially a person inside of a wingsuit that attaches to a mech.

9S-operated Walking Fortress

The song is set to a remixed version of Nier: Automata‘s “Weight of the World” which is played as one of the many endings of the game.

This version is the Prelude version which contains Final Fantasy‘s iconic Prelude theme which appears in all of its games.

It also features a male vocalist and has a heavier, intensive tone which gives you the feeling that what you are encountering is important.

At the 1:10 mark, you will hear the song progressing into it’s chorus.

If you do not understand what is actually being said, I do not blame you because it ain’t English nor Japanese. It’s Chaos and it was developed for the use in the original Drakengard games.

Here it the chorus in English:

‘Cause we’re gonna shout it loud
Even if our words seem meaningless
It’s like I’m carrying the weight of the world
I’d wish that someway, somehow
That I can save every one of us
But the truth is that I’m only one girl
Maybe if I keep believing, my dreams will come to life
Come to life…

The original version as produced for Nier: Automata. This version is performed by J’Nique Nicole.

A powerful song and a fantastic way to round out a fantastic raid. I’m looking forward to the next wing of YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse coming in Patch 5.3 in Final Fantasy XIV Online.