Welcome to a ‘new era’ for Padraig Fahy

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to purchase as part of the new 1-2 letter .ie domains that are now available from the IEDR.

Since then, it was being used as a shorthand to get to, but as of today, it is now a new blog here on using the Ghost platform.

Soon, will redirect here and everything related will become

I feel that having this very short domain will further enhance my (as the cool kids call it) "Personal Brand". And it looks cool too! 🙂

Want to drop me a email? Email me [email protected]

By Padraig Fahy

I am Padraig from Carlow and I am a Technical Support Executive for Blacknight. I run a small network of websites collectively known as ClearWeb.
When I am not blogging, I am playing Final Fantasy XIV or hanging around on Discord.