What is on my Mac? Q1 2017 Edition (X/Post from TechTalk.Blog)

I recently done an article on “What is on my Mac” over on TechTalk.blog – Here is the full article below:

Just as a foreword, this would be my first proper Apple Mac. I had purchased the 2014 Mac Mini and I was honestly disappointed by it. It was only used for web browsing and nothing more.

At Christmas 2016, I was thankfully gifted a Late 2016 MacBook Pro from my parents after I failed to purchase one locally. It would be the base model of the 13″ MBP without the TouchBar. I will be doing a review of my experience of the MBP on TechTalk soon!

Anyway, it’s time for “What’s on my Mac!”

I will not be commenting on everyday tools that I already use on Windows (Discord, Spotify, Steam…everyone knows that already)

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

When I got the Mac, I figured that I would be doing some web graphics and I figured that I need Photoshop. I was going to “obtain it”, but for the sake of €12 a month, I decided to buy it from Adobe. It comes bundled with Lightroom which I have never used and I probably won’t be using it.

Link: Adobe


After using the regular terminal on Mac, I decided to try out iTerm 2 which appears to be the most popular alternative and I love it. While I have only used it just to connect to the servers; opening tabs, splitting windows is just so handy and simple to do. I will play about it a bit more before I give my full recommendation on it.

Link: iTerm 2


(Contradicting to the above where I wouldn’t cover daily use applications)

While there might be better screenshot, upload and copy URL applications out there (ie. ShareX for Windows), puush has always been the “go-to” application for myself. I have been using the service for many years now (I think about 5 yearschecks – 6 and half years) and I use it because it is so simple to use.

Link: Puush


There is plenty of text editors out there for Mac. You have Sublime, Atom, TextEdit and then you have TextWrangler which I would compare to Notepad++ for Windows. Throw anything at it and you can work with it. The nice thing which I have used on it was the FTP option. Connect to your FTP server…open a file, edit it and save it back! Fantastic.

TextWrangler is as simple as it gets. While I love Brackets, I can’t get away from TextWrangler.

Link: TextWrangler

While this list might not seem that “great”, please be aware that I have had this laptop less than a month and thus I am still finding my feet with it.

I will hopefully come back in the spring with a more expansive list.