Why are MOBA's so difficult?

Some people may have read this question and think that MOBA’s are not that difficult, but I personally think that it is.

I would safely says that about 1 million people are playing MOBA’s every day per month and while this is a interesting statistic, I am wondering sometimes…how?

I tried League of Legends…I rage-quit it. Dota 2, similar style of gameplay, quit. Smite has been something that I have tried to get into since it is a twist on the regular format for MOBA’s (Which is that the game is 3rd person rather than overhead like LoL, Dota)

But here is the thing. When you get into a game with your friends who have been playing these games for a long time and they start calling terms, moves, positions and you can’t react quick enough, a bit of rage starts building up inside of you and that is what happened to me today.

I was playing Smite with a couple of other people for a “fun” game and it ended up that everyone (including me) raged because I couldn’t do a fucking thing properly. Was either too far forward, not last hitting mobs or even getting jungle camps for additional XP and gold.

How the fuck am I suppose to know what to do. All I have been taught in the tutorials is to stay behind minions, attack towers, attack enemies and win. There is no mention of “meta” or “roles” or what items that I should or shouldn’t be using.

What the hell am I supposed to say or do when it comes to a “clutch” situation.

For all I know, the enemy is going to rape me and then everyone else is going to hate me because of it.

I do try to give MOBA’s a fair chance when it comes to playing it. But this isn’t fun. It is a easy way of people to get angry for me and for me to rage at people.

No wonder the LoL community is so terrible. They are looking for elitest people and they demand that they watch videos or look at build guides. Seriously, how the fuck am I suppose to play MOBA’s without being shit on all the fucking time?

As you can tell by this post, I am raging, but it is the only way to vent my anger. No one wants to hear my bullshit over what I have to think about MOBA’s.

*But why are you playing MOBA’s then? *

Because MOST (if not all) of my friends play some sort of MOBA such as League, Smite, Dota.

It just makes me so mad…