Why WWE is failing and failing hard!

This is just a small rant from me about the current state of WWE

It’s not secret at this stage that WWE are falling by the wayside once again!

After the brand extension last July, the product was getting very very good! SmackDown was on the best run that I have ever seen it and outplayed RAW for months!

Now, as we are approaching Summerslam and Great Balls of Fire, I feel that WWE are losing their touch again and is becoming an even worse product than 2015 RAW (That was terrible)

In the last few months, you have seen tag teams being destoryed. DIY, Golden Truth and Enzo & Cass! WWE is STILL trying to put Roman over and Brock Lesnar is only seen on telly once every couple of months.

The only thing that WWE has going for itself is NXT!

After this weeks RAW (with The Miz w/ The Balls family), I couldn’t bear watching after that segment. It was such a cash cow of an episode that didn’t serve anything.
I don’t know what Vince was thinking when he agreed to allow these guys on RAW. It was silly.

SmackDown LIVE has some good talent and good storyline but it fails in making BIG moments. Eg. The Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match at MITB 2017. It was such a garbage finish that the case was vacated and then won by the same person 2 weeks later.


A massive problem I have is mainly on RAW with the really really terrible decisions in terms of booking. Brock doesn’t deserve the belt, Miz needs to stop having the IC belt and go for something else.
Sheasaro needs to drop the tag belts back to Hardyz and Alexa….Well….Alexa can keep the women’s belt.

SD Live…I do not mind Jinder having the belt, why?
It’s different!
It’s not Wyatt, it’s not Styles, it’s not Owens, it’s not Nakamura!
United States could probably be given to someone like Tye Dillenger.
Tag Team is ok on Usos but would prefer Breezango.
Womens…Naomi is a great champion and well deserved.

I hope WWE can turn things around with another draft in July/August and liven up the roster or do something. It is getting boring.