WWE Backlash 2018 Predictions

WWE Backlash 2018 Predictions

Welcome everyone to my Backlash PPV Predictions.

This is the first of the new co-branded PPV’s that are not the “BIg 4” where superstars from RAW and SmackDown Live are now on the same show.

5 hour PPV’s every month, anyone?

Anyway, let’s get into these predictions!

As there is stars from RAW and SmackDown going to be competing, I am going to marking each superstar with their respective brand colours going forward:

  • RED for RAW
  • BLUE for SmackDown Live
  • ORANGE for NXT (Yellow would be too bright for the page 😛 )
  • PURPLE for 205 Live


Singles Match
Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass
 PREDICTION: This is the first feud that Daniel Bryan has been involved in since returning to in-ring competition and weirdly, it is with Big Cass. I can see this being a David v Goliath match because of Big Cass being 7ft tall (And you can’t teach that) but Daniel Bryan is a hard-hitting monster-baby-face that will probably win this. Daniel Bryan to win.

Tag Team Match Match
Bobby Lashley
Braun Strowman
vs Sami Zayn
Kevin Owens
 PREDICTION: I am not sure where Bobby & Braun come into this…They don’t appear to be a formidable tag-team. I think this was thrown together last second because they need to use Sami & Kevin. It would look like that Bobby & Braun would win, but I would suspect that Sami & Kevin would be up to something sneaky to snap the win from Bobby & Braun. Braun & Bobby to win.

Singles Match
Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe
 PREDICTION: The Big Dog need a -big- win after his loss at the Greatest Royal Rumble to Brock Lesnar but this is just filler match until we can get Roman and Brock again (Probably Money in the Bank PPV? ) but for now, I would be happy to see either man win this match, so I am going to give it to Samoa Joe.


United States Championship Match
Jeff Hardy (C) vs Randy Orton
PREDICTION: Jeff has become a fantastic US Champ with very little words. If Jeff could start cutting promos and be bit more “Heel~ish” (Or even Broken), then it would be a lot more interesting. Jeff to retain the US Title.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Seth Rollins (C) vs The Miz
PREDICTION: Seth is just amazing at being a baby-face. He got a loud pop on RAW this week after the hectic schedule that he has endured in the last couple of weeks. Going from US to South Africa to Saudi Arabia to US to Canada and then back to United Stated. A lot just from one person and he has defended his IC Title anywhere he went. I will say this straight off, The Miz is not getting the title. As long as the US Title is on SmackDown, the IC won’t go there. Miz will have to wait a bit longer before he can become 9 time Intercontinental Champion. It should be a cool match with some hard-hitting moves from both guys. Seth to retain.

RAW Women’s Championship Match
Nia Jax (C) vs Alexa Bliss
PREDICTION: Babyface Nia is just brilliant. She is so wholesome and having the RAW Women’s championship now is what she needed. With the “pity”-PSA that Alexa has been showing on RAW, it looks like that she could be looking at becoming a 3-time RAW Women’s Championship, but I have my doubts about her claiming the title (Unless there is interference), so Nia Jax to retain!

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
Carmella (C) vs Charlotte Flair
PREDICTION: Carmella is just a promo-girl, she is OK in the ring (I am not saying that she is a terrible wrestler) but her mic skills and promos could do with a bit of work in my opinion. Charlotte is obviously having her re-match clause invoked. I would like to see Charlotte winning because Carmella is just a chicken-shit heel that will try to run away from a match. Charlotte to win the SD Women’s Championship.

No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship
AJ Styles (C) vs Shinsuke Nakamura
PREDICTION: “WHY DOES HE STILL KEEP HITTING ME IN THE DICK?!” Shinsuke “Low-Blows” Nakamura has been low-blowing AJ for the last few weeks as a result of being jealous of not being WWE Champion. AJ could be going to “Low-Blow City” as this is now a No DQ Championship match. I hope that AJ destroys Shinsuke and be able to dominate over him, but I wouldn’t be disappointing if the WWE Championship was to drop to Shinsuke. He has been on fire lately. AJ to retain!


And that is my predictions for Backlash PPV. I will try to live tweet the event on @PFWressling on the night but can’t guarantee anything. Keep an eye on Twitter for updates!