WWE: Clash of Champions Predictions [UPDATED]

Hi everyone.

It’s that time of the month again (Yeah, sorry that I forgot about Backlash…) where we predict the results of matches being held on WWE RAW’s PPV, Clash of Champions which is on this Sunday night at 1am on WWE Network and from https://taima.tv/r/sc

Bold = Winner
(c) = Champion

Kick-off Show

Alicia Fox vs Nia Jax = PREDICTION: Nia Jax. Alicia may be 10 years with the company but that doesn’t mean that she finally gets a push. A dominating show from Nia Jax would see her victorious over Alicia.

Main Card

Non-Title Matches

Cesaro vs Sheamus in the final of the Best of 7 contest – PREDICTION: Cesaro. Well, who was surprised that this was going to happen. Cesaro needs the win over Sheamus and we need to get Cesaro in the title picture! No contest

Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho in a "I’m a better friend of Kevin Owens" match – PREDICTION: Sami Zayn. Ok, I made up the match name because that is essentially what it is. If this is really a under-rated match, then it should be on the Pre-Show…but alas, it is on the main card.

Title matches

The New Day (c) vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship – PREDICTION: The New Day. New Day should be able to break the records for holding the title belts for the longest time. Hopefully they can keep it until WM 33.

Rusev (w/Lana) (c) vs Roman Reigns for the WWE United States Championship – PREDICTION: Roman Reigns. Roman needs a belt in some shape so he can look strong. It will give Rusev a break so he can go on a proper honeymoon with Lana!

Charlotte (w/ Dana Brooke) (c) vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship – PREDICTION: Bayley. Everyone wants Sasha to get the belt off Charlotte but I feel that there will be an upset victory for the Women’s Division.

TJ Perkins (c) vs Brian Kendrick for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship – PREDICTION: TJ Perkins. They wouldn’t have TJP have the belt for a couple of days just to lose it at the first PPV….while I can see a fued between the two, I can’t see the belt changing hands quite yet…Maybe at the Royal Rumble it will change.

Kevin Owens (c) vs Seth Rollings for the WWE Universal Championship – PREDICTION: Kevin Owens. KO is a new belt and again, he is keeping it warm for Finn Balor who will get it back whenever he returns from injury. Now, will the title have many changes between now and then? Probably not, so they will keep it on him for now. But Seth could pull an upset victory….unless there is interference from someone (probably Triple H)

And that is my predictions, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.