WWE PPV: Wrestlemania Predictions [Part 1]

We are over a month away from the biggest WWE Pay-Per-View of the year, Wrestlemania, and this year, it’s going to be…an interesting one as this not only would have the most “meh” booking so far, but it will see how WWE grab the audience’s attention (Unlike *FastLane *and Roman Royal Rumble with Cheese)

So, in this 2 part special, I will go through the card that we have so far and my predictions on who will win or lose.

Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker – Prediction: Shane McMahon WINNER: The Undertaker
This is more of a job vs career match as 2 things can happen here.

If Shane wins, he become the RAW General Manager which means that Vinny Mac is out of a job. If Undertaker wins, he will be in the WWE for another year…But if he was to lose, he will probably retire at the end of WM32.

Even if Shane loses, he still has that “lockbox” that he talked abut on RAW and it should not be overlooked at WM32 or even the RAW the night after WM32.

My money (Ching ching bling bling….not pun) is on Shane McMahon. Vinny to retire would be the biggest pop in WWE since…since…shrug.

Dean Ambrose vs Barroocckkkk Lesssssssnarrrr (with Paul Fucking Heyman) – Prediction: Brock Lesnar. WINNER**: Brock Lesnar **

Dean has a one way ticket to Suplex City against a stick known as Dean Ambrose. While Dean has the air to his advantage, I am not sure if that is going to get him through the match. I predict a Lesnar win.

Triple H (c) vs Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavy Championship – Prediction: Roman Reigns.** WINNER: Roman Reigns**

I predict Roman for a couple of reasons.

  1. Vinny wants everyone being disappointed leaving WM32 because money talks (sorry, couldn’t help it).
  2. Odds. Triple H hasn’t defended the title since he got the title at Royal Rumble, but there was a rumor that he be defending it at that march to WM PPV (Or whatever that thing is), so there is a slight possibility that he could lose it and then have a different opponent at WM.

One little factor to consider about this whole thing is a man named:



He could do what he done last year and come in at the Main event of WM and while he doesn’t have a case to cash in, he could interrupt the match and turn heel on Triple H, which I would love to see.

And that is the look at Part 1 of my WWE Wrestlemania 32 predictions. Once the full card has been announced, I will make a 2nd part talking about the Tag Teams, Divas and IC title matches.

Talk to you then 🙂


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