WWE Wrestlemania 38 Night 1 PPV Predictions

WWE Wrestlemania 38 Night 1 PPV Predictions

The most stupendous 2 night event, Wrestlemania, WWE's flagship Pay-Per-View takes places this weekend from the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

This will be the 2nd time that WWE will hold the event over 2 nights. Wrestlemania 37 last year, the first PPV with a crowd since March 2020 really solidified that you don't have to have a 6 hour PPV (Looking at you Wrestlemania 35)

As there is going to be a lot of matches on the card for tonight, I will keep the predictions concise.

Note: At time of writing, these matches are scheduled to happen tonight, matches may not happen, competitors may change and matches may have moved to tomorrow


  • Seth Rollins vs ???

Well, this has been confirmed in the last few mins (at 5:30pm IST on 2nd April 2022) It's quite obvious that the person that is going to face Seth is Cody Rhodes.

I can see Cody winning his return match at Mania. Should be a fun one.

Non-Title Matches

  • King Woods & Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus & Ridge Holland

The small stable that Sheamus has with Ridge Holland and B U T C H (fka. Pete Dunne) has really grown on me since the introduction of B U T C H and them being the heels, I can see them taking the victory from Woods and Kofi.

There is nothing at stake if Kofi and Woods lose so hopefully the heels go over here.

Sheamus & Ridge Holland to win.

  • Drew McIntyre vs Happy Corbin

This hasn't been the best build for these. It feels like that we have seen this match, plenty of times. I could see Madcap Moss turning on Corbin which will cost him this match.

Drew needs to get back into the title picture as him floundering around in the mid-card is not doing him any favours.

Drew to win.

  • Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs The Miz & Logan Paul

I hate this feud. This is nothing more than to make Logan Paul look good here and as much as I despise him, I suppose he'll do as a competitor here. I would like to see Ray & Dom win this but there is no reason for them to do so.

The Miz & Logan Paul to win...

  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to 'confront' Kevin Owens

I don't see this becoming a match, but more so a brawl to build up to another PPV... perhaps Summerslam and then have the two face off. If they do a match, Stone Cold to win. But I see this as a fun closure of Night 1 regardless of what happens.

Title Matches

  • The Usos (C) vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

I like Shin & Boogs but the story isn't about them, it's about the Usos and whether they can 'do the job' and keep the titles in the Bloodline. I feel a shake up coming with the Usos is coming but not yet... Perhaps at BackLash or another PPV but for now The Usos to retain.

  • Becky Lynch (C) vs Bianca Belair for the RAW Women's Championship

As much as I adore Becky for being an Irish badass, you can't look past the fact that Bianca is here and is here to get revenge for the Summerslam loss.

I'm torn though, Becky would be untouchable if she can retain the title, but then questions would need to be answered about Bianca... If she can't beat Becky, what is the point of her being there? Is she going to admit defeat or are we going to go for another match down the line at Summerslam and then let her have the big moment then?

Becky Lynch to retain!

  • Charlotte Flair (C) vs Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women's Championship

Well, there is nothing much to say about this. Take the title off Charlotte and give it back to her later in the year to pad the number up again. A great excuse for Ronda to get that big Wrestlemania moment that she didn't get at Wrestlemania 35.

Her running rampant in the SmackDown's Women's locker room will keep her tied over until some big returns like Asuka and Bayley happen and then have a big match at Summerslam.

Ronda to win the championship.