Xbox One Announcement: The Post Mortem

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Welcome everyone to the Xbox One Post Mortem. We look at what we found out (And more what we didn’t) at yesterday evening’s Microsoft Conference in Redmond, CA, USA.

[![The Original Xbox One](]( I would call the “Xbox One”.

I have to start of this post mortem with a massive “WTF?”. Who was the idiot(s), that came up with such a bad name for the console. Like come on, Reddit, had a better name for it. “Xbox Infinity”. What the hell is “One” about? Whenever I hear “Xbox One”. I see this (pictured right).

Anyway, nothing can be done about it. Damage is already done. (Well done MS(!))

Let’s get into the hardware specs of this console, DVR.

  • A 8-core CPU (x64 if I heard right)
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 500GB HDD
  • Blu-Ray Drive (Surprise, Surprise)
  • 802.11n wireless (Hmm, they could have used ac, but shrugs)
  • HDMI In & Out (HDMI In is for pass through to your TV, so you can watch ‘cable’ on your Xbox)
  • USB 3.0.

Oh, and you may be asking, “Why USB 3.0?”. Well, that is for you to put a external drive there (Don’t know if that is going to be a MS product, doubt it would be though), because you cannot change out the 500GB HDD that is inside the Xbox (which is kinda taking 2 steps back)

Anyway, We got to see the new modified Metro interface for Xbox One. They are definitely keeping the Metro interface (I suppose it has worked for them, so why break it) and now all your gestures are done with the Kinect and not with the controller, because that (apparently) is the hip thing to do now a days. Shout at your console.


By the way, I said this last night during the LiveBlog:

“**18.17 – Padraig
**Btw, Not available in Ireland #XboxOne”

I could be right about that tbh. When are we going to see “NFL” or our “Fantasy League” shite. NEVER! Why? Because not one person gives a DAMN about it. People have a Sky box for a reason. Don’t dumb things down Microsoft.

Anyway, moving onto other pieces of hardware. The Kinect, I couldn’t give 2 flying monkey’s about it. The controller is a similar design to the Xbox 360 but has Wi-Fi built in and has a decent D-Pad which is always good to see.

Then there was a long long long boring segment about EA Sports Ignite which again, I couldn’t care about since it affected only FIFA 14, Madden, NBA and UFC.. yawn

Forza Motorsport V……It’s something.

Quantum Break. WHAT WAS THAT THING? Is it a game or a “Interactive DVD”? It’s either one or the other.

Halo TV Show with Steve.

And then finished with CoD.

Right, look MS. You did nothing right last night. You showed the console, yes, but you didn’t show anything that your core audience is into…Gaming. You could make the argument that E3 is just around the corner and that you are going to show games there, but this was your big reveal..



So far, this new generation for Consoles is not starting well. All we have seen is bullshit feature after bullshit and not getting what the gamers want, which is games. If I had to pick a winner now for the next generation of gaming consoles, the yet officially announced “SteamBox” would be the winner. (Yes, I am a ‘PC Master Race’ type person 😛 )

It has more sense in it that the Xbox and the PS4 ever could have.

Anyway, before I start going into a massive rant about how stupid Gen 8 is, I bid you farewell.