[YCFRO] #1 - Daily Mail

Welcome to a brand new series of blog posts called “You Can Fuck Right Off”. It’s sorta a rant section of the blog about my hatred or bad feelings against someone/something. This will not be a regular event.

Today, TotalBiscuit released a video on YouTube as part of his MailBox series for today (September 6th, 2012) where a load of people sent a email to him regarding the Daily Mail article about the 14 year old, Callum Green committing suicide.

While it is a tragic that Callum has passed away (My condolences goes out to the family and friends of Callum), this was a opportunity for Daily Mail to continue their “Anti-Video Game” campaign, and boiled the entire death onto video games….and exactly at one of the biggest game franchises in the past 5 years, Call of Duty.

In the article, it tells about how Callum was having a relationship problem with his 13yo girlfriend, being grounded for not returning home in time, having a sprained ankle and arguing with his sister when she came home.

He smashed a plate and stormed off to his room and when the mother when up to his bedroom, he was found hanging from his bunk bed.

The mother had allowed him to play Call of Duty, but not other games, and this was Daily Mail’s main focal reason as to why Callum had died.

Seriously Daily Mail. What. The. Fuck?!

Why do you think the gaming has go to do with the death of Callum? Have you not read your own article? There isn’t one bit of evidence that gaming has got anything to do with his death?

Did the coroner see the box for Call of Duty sitting beside his TV and automatically say “Callum died because of this very game”. Your constant bashing on video games is pissing a LOT of people off, a lot of them, gamers.

Please note Daily Mail, that “Video Gaming” is a multi-million pound/euro/dollar industry and is a accepted form of media, like music and books.

You can not kill what has already been accepted into the industry, you assholes.

Daily Mail, You Can Fuck Right Off!