[YCFRO #4] - The Daily Mail on Video Games

For the guts of about 2 years now, the British newspapers have been bashing video games like crazy. Saying that they cause deaths (Like the Connecticut shooting of December 2012) and now The Daily Mirror say that video games…now cause cancer.

DOES ANY OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE ANY SENSE?! Where is the proof? Was it the case that one human had developed cancer and found out that they play video games. Newspapers and the media are blowing this out of properation and it shouldn’t be tolerated.

I may have blogged about this before, but it is getting to the stage where it is getting out of hand. It is the same problem when it comes to “people-who-know-about-the-internet-better-than-you” who work in governments saying that the internet is bad because you shouldn’t be allowed to say what you want on Twitter or on Facebook.

Video games is not the problem. It’s the people that project this garbage onto the front page to scare children into not playing video games.

And then you have government idiots that try to bring in a legislation for video games to be banned.

Any politican that says that video games are bad for your health (or some other wacky reason) should be asked as to 1) Why? 2) Give full on proof as to why video games are bad for and 3) Be shot. Seriously, you cannot just put fake garbage on the front page of your paper purely because there isn’t anything to talk about in the entertainment industry.

Why don’t you talk about something else for a change. How about smoking? You say that is bad for people and yet the governments just tax the shit out of it and you don’t say anything about it.

What about something NICE for a change. Instead of being the old dull boring piece of shit day in, day out….No wonder the print media is dying. Journalists is just wasting ink on printing garbage.

While researching this topic, I came across this article from “ChesirePatch”, about a “Video Game Return”…REALLY?!

They are planning to do a Video Game Return, the same process used to get rid of weapons…Wha…I have just lost faith in humanity.

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no NO! This is why we can’t have nice things. Games is not causing these killings and that to happen. It is the media blowing it out of the water and…it’s becoming ridculous! FAR TOO RIDICULOUS!

Just please guys. Leave video games alone.