[YCFRO #6] Microsoft

(You could see this post coming from a mile away haha)

Microsoft has confirmed that the new gaming console “Xbox One” will be REQUIRED to be online at least once per day in order to play games offline.

Yeah, you have to be online to play offline games.
(I know Steam’s offline feature is bad but FFS, this takes the cake)

AND you need to have your Kinect connected to your Xbox One at all times.

WTF Microsoft?

Is your design team smoking weed or something? This is BY FAR the worst thing that could happen to a console like this.

You are literally forcing people to connect to the Xbox Live service JUST to make sure that they are connected.

What if for example, that my internet goes down and I don’t have access to the internet for a few days because of emergency works that would take a couple of days to do? Oh, I am not allowed to play games offline after the first 24 hours after the console couldn’t find a internet connection.

This is worse than SecuROM. M$’ DRM is worse in every sense.

(SecuROM is a popular DRM solution for publishers, where you can only activate a game up to 5 machines)

Not being to play a $60 game offline seems…retarted.

One of my friends lives out in the middle of nowhere and all he hasn’t got great internet (He is on 3G connection), so him playing on Xbox Live is virtually impossible (unless he had loads of Bandwidth to spend on it). He can’t play any of his favourite games online (Gears of War, Halo etc) because his ping would be over 500ms and the games would probably kick him for having the retarted ping.

If he was to purchase a Xbox One, he would be fucked. Seriously fucked.

If my friend was to go out and purchase the new “Call of Duty: Ghosts” for the Xbox One, he would have a hard time playing it, since he needs to connect to the internet, just so he can play Single-Player (This is just screaming the SimCity catastrophe of a while back)

So, what should Microsoft be doing to remedy all this? Not be fucking retards. Ditch the whole “Connection required every 24hrs to play offline” bullshit. That is just MS being worried that something is happening to their precious gaming system.

In terms of who has won Generation 8 of the console wars, Sony and the Playstation 4 have already won. They know who gamers are and not who they want them to be.

I could go on about the whole Kinect crap, but that would literally be too long, so I just have to say this.

Microsoft, You can fuck right off!