Alternatives to "BigTech" services

Alternatives to "BigTech" services

Over the last week, some the major social media sites and services have banned the outgoing President of the United States, Donald Trump due to incitement of violence and hate speech.

With people deciding to leave Twitter, Facebook and other social services, some are turning to alternative sites and services.

Here is a few that I personally use:

Alternative to Twitter:

Mastodon – This is a decentialised Microblogging service that is on the Fediverse. It allows you to follow and interact users that are on different servers (Instances). Think of it like emailing a Yahoo! user from a Gmail account.

You can join one of thousands of instances that have open registration or you can set up your own server for a “Single User Instance” – Having one of your own means that you can set the rules for your community.

And with Mastodon having powerful tools for moderation, you can completely block domains from appearing on your instance.

Gab, which is a far-right micro-blogging service, runs on a forked version of Mastodon and a lot of instances have it blocked.

There are other micro-blogging services like Mastodon that run on ActivityPub (The tech that does the whole Federation bit) such as Plemora and GNUSocial (GNUSocial is the continuation of StatusNet which ran back in the day)

Alternative to Facebook:

Diaspora* is a social media website similar to Facebook which launched back in 2010 with them launching their first ‘pod’ (Servers) and they have been in active development since then with their last release being 6 months ago (from this post).

While they haven’t made as much ‘noise’ compared to Mastodon, they would still be considered on the first kids on the block to be running a decentralised social network.

There is also MeWe, a newer social media site that opened up in 2012 and left Beta in 2015 and becoming popular with Hong Kong users in 2020. MeWe focuses on being a privacy focused social media site. Unlike a lot of the other options in this list, it is NOT on the Fediverse, so the users on MeWe can only interact with members of MeWe.

Alternative to Instagram:

PixelFed started back in 2018 as an alternative to Instagram and got a lot of following from Mastodon users.

It runs on the same technology as Mastodon (ActivityPub) and much like Mastodon, you can run you own instance of it or just join which is the largest instance of the service.

Alternative to WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/Viber etc

There is a couple of options here that you can download, but most of them are well-known:

Some of these have different levels of privacy but all of the above have end-to-end encryption.

Alternative to YouTube:

I was alerted to this service a while back but had forgotten the link when creating this list. Odysee is a video sharing site that is very similar to YouTube but it is on the Blockchain.

If you know of alternatives, let me know on Twitter: @PadraigFahy or on my Mastodon @[email protected]

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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