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Remove joe(.)ie "noscroll"

<tag>Code</tag> Jan 9, 2021

For a while now, every time that I got to a joe (.) ie article, (A site I don’t particularly like), they have a “noscroll filter” which prevents you from scrolling.

This is more than likely due to the adblocking and tracking being disabled by default on the site. (Thanks Vivaldi)

So, I created this little script for Stylish or Stylus

Create a new style and paste the following in:

/* ==UserStyle==
@name  StopNoScroll - 1/9/2021, 1:47:23 AM
@version        1.0.0
@description    Get around the noScroll on Joe and scroll once more
@author         Crakila
==/UserStyle== */
@-moz-document domain("") {
    @media (min-width: 767px) {
        .noscroll {
            overflow: unset;

(I will try to get the code up on GitHub tomorrow when I get my environment sorted)

(Photo by Antonio Manaligod on Unsplash)


Padraig Fahy

A tech support guy by day and a gamer by night!

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