Explanation of the new 2013 Padraig Fahy logo.

So right before Christmas 2012, I decided to create a ‘brand’ that would represent me across the internet.

I searched across the internet looking for inspiration. And finally, I started messing about in Photoshop and eventually came up with the logo that you all know and love.


So what people may (and some have) been asking me?! Why THAT particular logo? What is the “story” behind it.

Well, it’s very simple.

The first line (Left most vertical to top right line), represents the “P” in my name. – Image
The second line (To the right of the first line), starts the “F” letter. – Image
The main horizontal line, makes up the full “F” (Just picture it in your head). – Image & Image
The “A” is made up of the bottom of the second line (Under the horizontal line) and the bottom line – Image
The “H” is made up of the 3 lines. – Image
And the “Y” is made up of the horizontal and the 2nd line…but flipped vertically. – Image

And that is pretty much how the logo is done. I am loving the logo and will be using it in future projects and what have you.