Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail fully revealed

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail fully revealed
Krile as Pictomancer - Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

Early this morning, the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Japan kicked off with the 3rd, final and full trailer for the upcoming expansion Dawntrail.

Trailer for Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

A new ranged, magical DPS job called Pictomancer was revealed (to go alongside the already revealed Viper that was announced at the London Fan Fest) and will be used by Krile in the upcoming expansion/story

Krile as the new Pictomancer

Pictomancer was introduced in Final Fantasy VI (1994) by the character Relm and has been featured in other Final Fantasy games such as 'Record Keeper' and Brave Exvius. The job will be available on Dawntrail launch from Gridania and will begin at Level 80.

Relm from FFVI

They also revealed the final race to be added to the game (for now), Female Hrothgar.

Male Hrothgar was introduced in Shadowbringers in 2019, but due to the pandemic, they couldn't get the female variant out until now.

Female Hrothgar

They also announced new areas, but didn't delve too much into them, including the new futuristic/cyberpunk 'Solution Nine'

Solution Nine, new town in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

An overview of new areas coming to Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

They also touched upon some information about travelling to other planets in the future for content, similar to Ishgard restoration and possibly Island Sanctuary but we'll find out closer to its release.

Beastmaster was also announced as the new Limited Job (Blue Mage) but it won't be releasing until the latter part of the expansion.

As part of the new graphics update that they are carrying out, they had comparison shots of the races in the game. This is just one mere example.

Female Elezen. Left is the original (currently in the game) and the Updated looks for Dawntrail.
  • 'The Arcadion', the new 8-man raid series, was announced that appears to be in the same area/style as Solution Nine.
  • A new Ultimate Raid was announced, 'Futures Rewritten (Ultimate)' which is the same title as Patch 5.4 released back in December 2020.
  • New 'Field Operations' were confirmed (Similar to Bozja/Eureka) but no details were made available.
  • Xbox Open Beta Test is happening in mid-February.
  • Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XVI Crossover Questline is planned for early April.