Update January 2024 Update January 2024
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Hey everyone, it’s been a while since there has been an update with the site. Back in April 2021, I moved from WordPress to Ghost for the 2nd time (I did it in 2017/2018 I believe) and I can tell you that the software has gotten leaps and bounds

It has been 7 months since the last update (see above) and 18 months since the last proper update.

So what is happening with the blog? There are some changes that are going to be made that will completely contradict what I wrote in my previous post.

The JukeBox and Wrestling Predictions will continue but, there will more random posts. E.g. Tech and Gaming, Music, Videos, something funny, something quirky. Really anything that interests me.

Generally, all new posts would be sent out via email as soon as they are published. But I may turn this into a weekly / monthly newsletter with a highlight of all the best bits for that week / month.

Of course, there will not be any charge for this newsletter (although an optional monthly/yearly 'tip' is available)

If you follow my Fediverse account, you can get notifications as to when new posts become available.

There will be a delay, but the posts would also be available on the Gemini Protocol gemini:// if you happen to use that.

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