How to upgrade Ghost 5 on Plesk Obsidian

How to upgrade Ghost 5 on Plesk Obsidian

This is a follow-on to my previous post about installing Ghost 5 on Plesk Obsidian. Please check it out!

How to install Ghost 5 on Plesk Obsidian
This is an update to the Ghost 4 install guide from March 2021. The instructions are pretty much the same Yesterday, May 23rd, Ghost released Version 5 to everyone which contains support for new custom premium tiers, multiple newsletters, special offers, detailed audience segmenting, and expanded a…
I am not an expert in Docker, npm, node.js or related technologies. What I am documenting here is what worked for me. YMMV

This is actually really simple, but, we want to be protected first!

Go into your Ghost site, click on the Cog “⚙” at the bottom and click on “Labs” and click on “Export your content” to download the content.

When that is done, head into Plesk.

  • Go to “Docker” on the left-hand side.
  • Find your container. Eg. padraig_is_awesome
  • Click on “Details”
  • Click “Recreate”
  • Choose the latest version numbered. Do NOT choose latest
In this example: “4.0.1 (Current)” is the version that I have installed currently and we want to choose “4.1.0” as the new version!
  • DO NOT CHECK THE BOX for “Reset variables to default”. This will break your site!
  • Click on “Recreate” and after a few seconds, it will be upgraded.

You can check the version of your site by going into your Ghost admin panel, clicking on the avatar on the bottom left and clicking on “About Ghost”