My predictions for WWE TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs)

Hey everyone and welcome to my WWE TLC Prediction Post!
Let’s get straight into it.

I apologise for the formatting of this post. Tables and the new layout of the site caused this to hiccup, but it will be rectified when it comes to Royal Rumble which is at the end of January 2016.

Anything with (c) means they are the current Champs.

 Kickoff Show
 Name  vs  Name  Stipulation  Prediction
 Becky Lynch  vs  **Sasha Banks**  1v1  Becky Lynch
 Main PPV
 Lucha Dragons  vs  **The New Day (c)** vs  The Usos Triple Threat for WWE Tag Team Titles The New Day Retains!  New. DAY. ROCKS!!
** Alberto Del Rio (c)**  vs  Jack Swagger  1v1 for WWE United States Title  Alberto Retains due to interference from Zeb Colter resulting in DQ  alllllbererrtoooo delllllllll riiiiioooooooooo
 Team ECW  vs **The Wyatt Family**  8-man Elimination match  Team ECW…nothing to comment here.  Wyatt Fam cleanly win…except for the bit of blood that was present
** Charlotte (c)**  vs  Paige  1v1 for WWE Diva’s Championship  Paige wins lol  Charlotte retains the title
 Ryback  vs ** Rusev**  1v1 Rusev win…DQ because of League of Nation interrupt  Rusev win…Distraction by LoN
 **Sheamus (c)**  vs  Roman Reigns  1v1 for WWE World Heavyweight Title  Roman wins lol  Roman wins the title the next night on RAW
 **Dean Ambrose**  vs  Kevin Owens (c)  1v1 for WWE Intercontinental Championship  Dean wins lol  Dean Ambrose is the new IC Champ
** Name** ** vs ** ** Name ** ** ** ** Stipulation** ** Prediction** ** Result**