New Computer Case

Nov 2, 2012

On Tuesday, I ordered my new computer case. The “A+ Blockbuster Storm” (Link to Amazon at the end of this post). Small Home Theather PC Case but instead of being for ITX boards, this can take a mATX and a full size ATX board. Here are some of the pictures of the case.

Click the pics to see them full resolution

[![](×225.jpg “IMG_20121102_094344”)]( case itself!
[![](×225.jpg “IMG_20121102_133850”)]( card (Yes, I will clean it eventually) and all the headers
[![](×225.jpg “IMG_20121102_133839”)]( in from the right side of the case. On the left of the screen you can see the Samsung 830 SSD and below is the motherboard. (Yes, it looks a bit dirty but I will sort that soon.)
[![](×225.jpg “IMG_20121102_133817”)]( fan on the top. The lights only go up depending on how fast the fan is going since it’s powered off the same Molex connector.
[![](×225.jpg “IMG_20121102_133749”)]( boot up had it at around 15C but then I upped the fan till full and came down to about 14.3~
[![](×225.jpg “IMG_20121102_122237”)]( for cable management(!) I have removed the DVD Drive for the time being. I don’t use it a lot so I am at no loss. Better for the cables tbh

Link to Amazon – [](

Padraig Fahy

A tech support guy by day and a gamer by night!

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