Padraig - August 2nd 2013 Update - "The WordPress 3.6 Update"

Today, I am releasing a new version of Padraig

I updated the site for a couple of reasons:

  1. I loved the look of the BootStrap theme, but I have always preferred WordPress’ default themes and also…It is easier to manage.
  2. I am moving hosts soon. I am moving away from my shared hosting plan with Blacknight, to a dedicated server with OVH. This should be happening in the next couple of weeks.

With the new update, I am no longer requiring a update for Spotify embeds as WordPress 3.6 now supports Spotify and Rdio embeds out of the box.

Finally, with the addition of Audio and Video support, this opens up opportunities to do content on the site without using YouTube or again using plugins.

More tweaks will be made over the coming days and hopefully I will be moving over to my dedicated server soon.

EDIT: I am aware that the Google+ comments feature doesn’t look right and that you might not be able to see the button to submit with the sidebar widgets… I hope that there will be a update for the plugin and it should be fixed. If you would like to comment on Google+ about this post, head over to and comment on the post there. Thanks!