[The JukeBox] #87 - Macross 82-99 - Aogashima Island!

[The JukeBox] #87 - Macross 82-99 - Aogashima Island!
Cover for Sailorwave II by Macross 82-99

Macross 82-99 released Sailorwave II back in 2018 as a EP after the successful release of the album Sailorwave back in 2013.

Aogashima Island! is one of those songs that has always been in my playlists but never really took a liking to. But recently, something about the song changed my perpective on it and now I have fallen in love with it.

So what is Aogashima Island? It is a volcanic island that is nearly 400km (~250 miles) from Tokyo. As of 2014, there are less than 200 people living on the island.

Aogashima Island

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MACROSS 82-99 - Aogashima Island! - Artzie Music



Aogashima Island !, by MACROSS 82-99
from the album SAILORWAVE II

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