[The JukeBox] #1 - S1 - Paramore – The Final Riot

This is an old post from 2009 that has been re-created. I was 17 when I first blogged so it's very cringe. This was the entirity of Season 1 of what is now The JukeBox, so this would have 'counted' as 15 editions of that... Stupid I know...
This is now just 1 post!

In September 2008, Paramore held a concert in Chicago, USA titled “The Final Riot”. The album was released a couple of months after. Enclosed with the CD was a DVD of the concert.

This has been the only Paramore album that I have purchased, and I personally love it.

Paramore – The Final Riot! (Length: 1:06:34 Tracks: 15 Genre: Alternative)


Track List:

01 – Born for This

02 – That’s What You Get

03 – Here We Go Again

04 – Fences

05 – Crushcrushcrush

06 – Let the Flames Begin

07 – When It Rains

08 – My Heart

09 – Decoy

10 – Pressure

11 – For a Pessimist, I’m pretty optimistic

12 – We are broken

13 – Emergency

14 – Hallelujah

15 – Misery Business

And the DVD included had the same songs in order as listed!

My favorite song on this album was Misery Business as it gave a great ending to a amazing concert and the band is just pure brillant.

I loved this album. It has 3 of my all time favorite songs but I like all the songs. It is well worth the purchase!!

Thats it for this review. Next Week, I shall be doing the AC/DC – Black Ice Limited Edition Review.