WWE Money in the Bank 2018 PPV Predictions

This was originally posted on Wressling.blog Hi everyone and welcome to my 3rd Money in the Bank PPV Predictions. Once again this year, we have 2 Money in the Bank matches…One for the women and one for the men. There was supposed to be a 3rd Money in the Bank match for the Tag Teams but they scrapped that idea fairly quickly. There is 4 men from RAW taking on 4 men from SmackDown (Yes, I am counting The New Day as 1) and the same amount of women for the Women’s match. But what IS Money in the Bank? I explained […] Read More

WWE NXT TakeOver: Chicago II Predictions

This post was originally posted on Wressling.blog Hi everyone and welcome to my predictions for NXT TakeOver: Chicago II. There is 3 title matches tonight where the NXT Championship, Women’s Championship and Tag Team Championships are all on the line. Non-Title Matches Chicago Street Fight Johnny Gargano VS Tomasso Ciampa PREDICTION: This was a hard choice for me as both are really good and I can see both of them going to the main roster either now after MITB or Summerslam, both of them are fantastic! Johnny Gargano to win!   Singles Match Ricochet VS Velveteen Dream PREDICTION: This is going […] Read More

Why SmackDown should be picked up by another network

It was reported this week that WWE has re-signed RAW to continue being broadcast on the USA Network at nearly 3 times it’s current value which should hopefully keep the program there for about 5 years or so but full details would be revealed by September 2018.  The current contract for RAW with NBC Universal (The owners of the USA Network) expires in September of 2019. As for SmackDown, well, NBCU haven’t agreed to re-sign the show…yet, but WWE is looking to move the show to another network and the favourite to ‘win’ this show is FOX. And I personally […] Read More

WWE Backlash 2018 Predictions

Welcome everyone to my Backlash PPV Predictions. This is the first of the new co-branded PPV’s that are not the “BIg 4” where superstars from RAW and SmackDown Live are now on the same show. 5 hour PPV’s every month, anyone? Anyway, let’s get into these predictions! As there is stars from RAW and SmackDown going to be competing, I am going to marking each superstar with their respective brand colours going forward: RED for RAW BLUE for SmackDown Live ORANGE for NXT (Yellow would be too bright for the page 😛 ) PURPLE for 205 Live NON-TITLE MATCHES   […] Read More

Protect & secure your Instagram account!

Over the last few days, I have come across friends’ Instagram accounts being compromised. I would know that they are compromised when there is multiple advertisements being added for the same brands/items eg. Ray Ban’s, Adidas etc. Here is a couple of tips on how to protect your Instagram account. Have a strong password. Do not use the same password that you would use for another site/app. Consider using a Password Manager like LastPass, 1Password or KeePassX to generate and store your passwords. Use 2-factor Authentication. This is the one thing that will definatly protect your account. It can be […] Read More

Wrestlemania 34 Title Matches Predictions

Welcome everyone to the 3rd and final prediction post for Wrestlemania 34. A I am writing this post, we are just a few hours away from NXT TakeOver: New Orleans show. If you want to catch my predictions for NXT TakeOver, click here: NXT TakeOver: New Orleans 2018 Predictions For all the NON-Title Matches Predictions, click here to view that post – Wrestlemania 34 Non-Title Predictions! Anyway, here we go with all the predictions for all the title matches. Wooooooooooo! Universal Championship     Brock Lesnar (C) vs Roman Reigns PREDICTION: Well, we all know how this one is going to turn out. Brock […] Read More

NXT TakeOver: New Orleans 2018 Predictions

Welcome to the 2nd of 3 Wrestlemania weekend posts where I predict every match that is on the card on Saturday and Sunday. For my predictions on the non-title matches at Wrestlemania 34, click here: Wrestlemania 34 Non-Title Predictions! This post is going to go over all my predictions for NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. In my opinion, NXT is going to be a better show than Wrestlemania 34. Anyway, let’s get into the predictions for this illustrious card. Non-Title Matches:   Unsanctioned Match If Gargano wins, he is back in NXT. If he loses, he will be banished from NXT forever. […] Read More

Wrestlemania 34 Non-Title Predictions!

This is a cross-post from my dedicated Wressling blog at https://wressling.blog Welcome everyone to the first of 3 (YES, 3!!) Wrestlemania/NXT Takeover posts for next weekend’s show of shows! This post will run down through all the non-title matches, the next post will be my NXT TakeOver: New Orleans predictions and my final post will be the Title Matches for Wrestlemania 34! Let’s get into it! Whoooo!!   Mixed Tag-Team Match Kurt Angle  vs Triple H Ronda Rousey Stephanie McMahon     PREDICTION: Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey This should be the match of the night as we see Ronda’s […] Read More


I suppose it was envitable that I write this as it has been on my mind a lot for the last few days. The last week or so has been, not terrible, but upsetting. I do and don’t want to cry about it. This week has proven to me once again, that I haven’t got any ‘true’ friends around me. They use me for whatever they need me for and then push me away if I do not feel well. A couple of times this week, I have been shaking. Not from the cold, not from any tablets (I don’t […] Read More

WWE Fastlane PPV 2018 Predictions [Results & Spoilers]

Hi everyone and welcome to my 2018 predictions for WWE Fastlane This is the LAST PPV before Wrestlemania 34 (In which there will be a 3-part prediction series for that weekend 😉 ) and this also marks the final SmackDown Live exclusive PPV before WWE go back to dual-branded PPV’s All the SmackDown titles are on the line with a bigger emphesis on the WWE Championship match. So let’s get into it. Non-Title Matches Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rusev PREDICTION: Rusev is as over as Rusev Day. Rusev to win. Becky Lynch & Naomi vs Natayla & Carmella PREDICTION: “Let’s have a non-title […] Read More