The New World Heavyweight Championship Belt Design is NOT that bad!

The New World Heavyweight Championship Belt Design is NOT that bad!

Last night on Monday Night RAW, Triple H revealed a new World Heavyweight Championship belt. The inaugural winner of the title will be decided at WWE Night of Champions on May 27th in Saudi Arabia.

The new World Heavyweight Championship - WWE

A number of people have been vocal about the title design. Some good and some bad.

The good, which I agree with, seems to be blending the old 'Big Gold' and the more modern 'WWE Network' titles into one.

WCW/WWE World Heavyweight Championship aka. Big Gold Belt (1985 - 2014)
WWE Championship aka. WWE Network Belt (2014 - Present)

Others are saying that the logo being front and centre like it is, devalues the title compared to previous designs (See 'Big Gold' above) and 'Winged Eagle' (see below)

WWE World Heavyweight Championship aka. Winged Eagle Belt (1988 - 1998)

But WWE is not the only one that has placed its logo front, and centre and make it the focal point of the title. This has become a bigger trend over the years.

UFC's title belts since 2001 have had their logo on the belt and you didn't need to squint to find out what company the title was from.

UFC Championship Belt (2001 - 2019)

UFC updated the title back in 2019 and arguably, it is more prominent than the previous design.

UFC Championship Belt (2019 - Present)

Let's go crazier, Singaporean MMA Promotion, ONE Championship has MASSIVE belts with their name across them.

ONE Championship Belt (2022 - Present) 

And to give it some context as to the size of it.

Christian “The Warrior” Lee - Current ONE Lightweight & Welterweight Champion

That thing is massive and you cannot miss the ONE logo on that.

Let's go back to Pro Wrestling and check out All Elite Wrestling's World Championship.

AEW World Championship Belt (2019 - Present)

That title looks great and having the logo in the middle and being the focal point is not a bad thing. It looks great and it sets itself apart from the WWE, UFC, ONE and other countless promotions with their titles.

My overall thoughts are that the new World Heavyweight Championship is fantastic. A mix of old with some new bits in it really makes it the champion's belt. And still retaining the customisation of the side plates is a nice touch. That is something that WWE did right in a Sports Entertainment-oriented product.

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