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Heya folks. As you know, I have had Gamers and Geeks now for a couple of years, but nothing has been happening with it. It has had it’s moments but nothing to note.

That is why tonight, I have done a restructure on my personal content!

VGIRE will now serve as a gaming blog for me and Gamers and Geeks will be the accommodating forum for VGIRE.

I will be talking about all things video games but it won’t be a news site. I will be talking about industry news, eSports stuff and talk about games that I am playing…and if I feel like it, I will do a couple of reviews every now and again.

Gamers and Geeks is now a PC gaming/hardware forum and it will also be host to the G&G Feed The Beast Minecraft server that was started last week.

And then this blog will be everything to do with tech, music and rants…Just like there has been before.

So, all my new content will start in the next coming weeks.

You can follow me for all my posts at @FahyIE
For VGIRE, it’s @VGIreland
And for Gamers and Geeks, it’s @GamersAndGeeks