I am entitled to my opinion

I am entitled to my opinion
Photo by Darryl Kelly / Unsplash

I posted this earlier today on my Twitter, but I am converting it to a blog post to reaffirm my stance.

After the other day's events, I am not shying away from sharing my opinion.

I (as well as everyone else) am entitled to my own opinion, especially unpopular ones.

If you do not like my opinions, please utilise the 'Block' functionality.

As long as I do not break the site rules or violate any laws, I will continue.

So with that being said: Pineapple does belong on Pizza.

That goes for ANY platform that I use. And it should go without saying that the views that I express online are of my opinion and not of my employer.

As per pf.ie/s:

Everything that I say on Social Media is MY PERSONAL OPINION AND VIEWS and are not the views or opinions of my employer. If you have a problem, direct your messages to me.