[The JukeBox] #84 - Masayoshi Soken - Shadow Withal

[The JukeBox] #84 - Masayoshi Soken - Shadow Withal

About a month ago, Square Enix finally released the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers on Spotify and other streaming services.

This time, we are listening to the theme of Akadaemia Anyder titled: "Shadows Withal"

A jazzy piece that reflects a time that once was.

SPOILERS! - Skip below to the song.

A time of peace and prosperity before it fell due to its 'Final Days'.

The dungeon is set in a recreation of the city, Amaurot, which was destroyed over 12,000 years ago (from the end of 'Endwalker') that was once the home of the now-extinct ancients. The city is at the bottom of the sea underneath The Tempest in 'The First'

When the city of Amaurot was destroyed, the world of Etheirys was sundered, or split, by Hydaelyn (The Mothercrystal) into 14 different 'reflections' which were identical copies of each other's world but are vastly different now with their own locale, races, monsters, etc.

[There is a lot more I can talk about the sundering and the 'rejoining' of the shards, but this post is already long enough]

The dungeon reminds me of Bioshock and its setting. Underwater, in the 50s/60s and having a charming score.

Spoilers End


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